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Fast, easy, automated and accurate benchmarking + online/embedded reports
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Fast, easy, automated and accurate benchmarking + online/embedded reports

PetaByetPetaByet Member
edited March 2014 in General

Hello guys!

We have officially launched PetaByet V1 to the public, after the previous public beta.

PetaByet provides easy server benchmarking and creates an online report. You can also embed a nice report card to your website.

This script has been tested on CentOS 5/6, Ubuntu 13.10, Debian 7 and ArchLinux 2013; we recommend you to run it on CentOS 6.

It's easy to run a benchmark with PetaByet, all you have to do is to provide some details about your VPS and a CURL (or WGET) command will be generated for you; after that you can run it on your server.

The script will test the following:

  • Disk IO (DD, IOPing, Seek, Sequential)
  • Download speed (14 locations + 2 CDN)
  • Server specs (CPU, RAM, disk)
  • Miscellaneous information (Plan, Price, Host, ISP, ASN, GeoIP Location)

There'll be an online report generated which means you don't have to copy/paste large chunks of code anymore.

Some example reports: RamNode NL | Vultr CHI | Virtovo | Backupsy NL

Example of embedded report:

[Run a benchmark now]

Happy benchmarking!

P.S.: We will launch a contest when we reach 1,000 benchmarks :)


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