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We are expanding again, recommend hosts if you can =)

We are expanding again, recommend hosts if you can =)

WilliamWilliam Member, Provider
edited April 2012 in Providers

As maybe seen on LEB we expand again, so to not make the "italy fiasco" again i thought i ask here if anyone knows good providers.

Countries in order of prefference/need: Spain Hungary Poland Slovakia (or Czech Republic) Hong Kong (likely done already, but if you know an excellent ISP....) Ukraine Panama (or Latin America, excluding Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil due to political instability or high customs fees/tax)

Prefer direct datacenters, though they mostly don't do colo by U... Provider should own his AS since he needs to route a /24 and/or /23 IP block IPv6 REQUIRED - No ISPs without IPv6 in any case.

So, thanks upfront :)




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