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Fast Server Benchmarking + IP API - Looking for feedbacks and suggestions!
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Fast Server Benchmarking + IP API - Looking for feedbacks and suggestions!

Hi there!

I've been lurking around the community for a few months and I have spent some weeks creating a nice server benchmarking script which I'm here to show you.

Well we all want a way to show benchmarks of a server, now there are generally two types of benchmark scripts: the "copy-paste" style (like's) and the report style (like serverbear). However, both of them are not that good, the first creates massive <code> tags in the forums and may contain possible "cheats", and the latter takes too long to finish unnecessary things.

That's why I decided to create the script, it tests your disk IO, network and gives information about the server specs + network. It also gives a 0-10 rating for your VPS and an average network benchmark. As a bonus, you can even embed the report onto your website, with 6 color schemes available to match your site!

I have implemented various verification/authentication algorithms and one-time tokens to prevent cheating and to increase the accuracy.


Some random benchmark reports submitted by users: TosHost | ArmorShark | EDIS | Delimiter

I'm inviting LET users to try the script on their boxes and give some feedback :)


Yes, I also have a free JsonIP / GeoIP REST API available for developers, using the MaxMind database. Link:

PS: Thanks @mpkossen

PetaByet - Server Benchmarks + Free GeoIP API

Run a benchmark today and compare with other users!


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