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    Need Dedicated Server ASAP (Quad Core, 8GB RAM, 250GB+ HDD)
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    Need Dedicated Server ASAP (Quad Core, 8GB RAM, 250GB+ HDD)


    I'm looking for a Dedicated Server on which i can install my own OS (Windows, i got the licence) It's being used for private development

    I have ordered a dedicated server at WSI because they advertise to have a nice 1-2 days setup time, but NOPE, 2 days are almost gone and i submitted a ticket to them asking if it would be setup today (just to make sure), but they just keep saying that it won't be setup today and that they're really busy, i do understand that but they should not advertise 1 to 2 day setup time while they're busy! And they can't even provide me with an ETA

    Anyway my dedi at Dacentec just expired, and i really need a new dedicated server setup today for development

    I'm looking for the following specs (minimal):

    Quad Core (passmark minimal 3500 for fast renders)

    8GB RAM

    250GB HDD or bigger

    100Mbps port, don't need more than 2TB of BW

    Need Quick setup, preffered within a few hours if possible

    Budget: $40-50


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