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Lookind for Dedi EU/US/Asia, 16-64GB Ram, 20IPs
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Lookind for Dedi EU/US/Asia, 16-64GB Ram, 20IPs

postcdpostcd Member
edited February 2014 in Requests

Im looking for dedicated server provider. I prefer E3 Xeon+, 24-64GB RAM, 20IP addresses.100mbit/s is ok, but would be nice if can be not limitted or 10TB + would be good 1TB disk+. This is for VPS reselling. Last year there was around 3 people who tried to do Denial of service kind of attack, one man hosted phishing site and one tried to SPAM. There might be people hosting things like warez forum. Current provider is OVH, but i no longer can pay that much money. I received no DMCA reports from OVH yet, also no problem except the spam and excessive network usage. But i act quickly usually within 12 hours.

Im looking for company which tolerate things mentioned above, i mean they dont suspend whole dedicated server when this repeatedly happens, but they tell me IP and i will investigate + suspend. I would really hate if company would suspend all my clients because of one. So if you have that high level of client service that you would not suspend violating IP without like 24,48hrs wait time, would be good.

I would like to pay like up to $100 monthly, i can be long time customer renewing month after month - hosting, webmaster forum


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