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[UK] Cheap SSD VPS
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[UK] Cheap SSD VPS

Hi Everyone,

Bring your hosting into the future with Rackburt's lightning fast UK SSD VPS Plans!

The concept behind Rackburst is simple: Quality, Low-Cost, UK OpenVZ VPS using SuperFast SSD RAID10 disk storage and enterprise-class Intel Xeon Processors.

Our network and nodes are monitored 24/7 and our servers are located in the Rapidswitch datacentre in Nottingham, UK.

Test Server: (

The plans which meet the LEB/LET criteria are as follows:


Dedicated RAM: 256MB

including vSwap: 512MB

SuperFast Storage: 3GB SSD RAID10

Standard Storage: 20GB RAID10

CPU Cores: 2

Bandwidth: 350GB

Price per month: £1.49 (yearly), £1.79 otherwise

SignUp Link


Dedicated RAM: 512MB

including vSwap: 1024MB

SuperFast Storage: 6GB SSD RAID10

Standard Storage: 30GB RAID10

CPU Cores: 4

Bandwidth: 550GB

Price per month: £2.99 (yearly), £3.29 otherwise

SignUp Link

All orders (that aren't marked as fruad) are set up instantly. Customers also have full control of their VPS via the SolusVM control panel.

Support is available via our Legendary Live Support service on our website, or via usual support tickets in the customer portal.

We also offer a 10-day money back guarantee, so you've got nothing to lose!

To order your VPS today, please visit

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.




Rackulous - UK Spindle & SSD Xen/KVM VPS | Gigabit Access Network | Native IPv6 /64 | RAID10 disk storage | Linux & Windows
Rackburst - UK and Germany OpenVz SSD VPS | Native IPv6 | RAID10 SSD disk storage
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