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Looking for Provider Similar to DigitalOcean that allows Primecoin/Protoshare Mining
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Looking for Provider Similar to DigitalOcean that allows Primecoin/Protoshare Mining

ricdem99ricdem99 Member
edited February 2014 in Requests


Would like to know what other VPS Provider allows Primecoin or Protoshares Mining. Actually my Primecoin mining is hosted at so now im looking for a provider that allows Protoshares mining.


4 vCPu
around 10-20GB Storage (Only the mining software will be installed anyway)
1 IP
Maybe 1 TB Traffic is enough

Usage: 75% of System resources

Miner will be using 3 vCPU and 1.5GB RAM as I have already tested this configuration is more effective than using 100% of system resources. It seems that Protoshares miner works effectively as long as you have free RAM.

Please indicate price if you allow this kind of setup. Thank you.


  • Check AbusiveCores

    Thanked by 1drserver


  • Oh I forgot to add that perhaps a provider that accepts Bitcoin Payment would be nice too

  • 75.00/core we would do it.

  • halczyhalczy Member
    edited February 2014

    I think you will be better off getting a bulk order of dedicated servers with E3-12XX v3. Let the host know you don't need a lot of bandwidth and HDD space.

    You can also get some powerful dual E5-2670 spot instances from AWS for $0.27/hr.

  • ricdem99ricdem99 Member
    edited February 2014

    Would this specs be in the $10 to $15 / month range or more?

  • halczyhalczy Member
    edited February 2014

    First of all, you don't need 1TB traffic. Most mining software uses 100MB/month at most.

    If you are lucky, you can get a dedicated server with E3-1200s at around $70. If you can order bulk, I think the provider might give you a discount as well. That's 12 cores you can use at 100%. Adjust it to your plan, it will be $23.3 dollar per 4 CPUs.

    For the AWS set up. $0.27/h gets you 32 cores at 100% usage. Your plan would cost $24.3 per month for 4 CPUs.

    One thing to consider, E3 and E5 CPUs are very powerful. Some VPSes use older CPU like Xeon L5XXX series (Which is fine for most other purposes). Although, i don't think you turn a profit ATM.

  • @ricdem99 - Delimiter has E3/E5/L5639 and takes Bitcoin.

  • HI can you please provide links that I can compare. I need to do some study before I dive right in. I do have local miners for Protoshare they just don't run 24 hrs a day. So thats why I need something that would "help" in my mining.

    After mining, I trade them thus the income does not really come from mining but from the trading afterwards.

    I use an arbitrage tool that helps me pick the profitability path of one coin to another and then back again.

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