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Live Chat Rhino
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Live Chat Rhino

Live Chat Rhino has just been super charged. Many user here complained about ajax requests, but two years ago that was more or less the only reliable solution for the mass, now HTML5 WebSockets are widely available, we have build and released the first ever available live chat / support software which can be installed on your server which does not rely on AJAX Requests.

For everyone on LowEndTalk we offer a 20% discount on any our versions, write a comment here and contact us via email for the discount coupon with your username on LowEndTalk.

Kind regards


  • I have been looking at your software for a while actually and may take you up on that offer! I will contact you for a coupon.

  • +1 for Rhino live chat. Haven't tried websockets version but the previous one was very nice, not only for the chats but for the back-end as well.

  • Thank you very much. WebSocket works great, the PHP Socketserver now runs stable and it can handle hunderts of customers at the same time with almost zero server load.

    If you like a coupon, don't forget to post here a comment as well.

    Kind regards

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