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Simple HA DNS Failover with bind9
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Simple HA DNS Failover with bind9

NeoonNeoon Member
edited January 2014 in Tutorials


Today i will show you how to create a simple dns failover with bind9, you will need 2 vps's with debian.

So on the first server and second server you just create a normal zone in named.conf

So your db file look like this:

On the second server i have created a script:

The script just ping's the mainserver 5 times, when it would fail the 5 times in a row it gonna change the zone file's, creating a folder and send a mail to you out (you need postfix and mailutils for this)

And the db.switched looks like this:

You just need to edit the scripts a bit and put it into a cronjob


Have fun with it <3

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