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18 month review of - 6 star service.
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18 month review of - 6 star service.

The 15.January was the 558 day with And it has been great. In fact, it could not be any better. My four VPS servers has almost been up since I got them. ** Three of my VPS servers has been up for over 250 days.

** There has been some kernel updates, and a couple of the nodes has been taken down, but all servers has around 99.8% uptime in 2013.

I have two monitoring services that monitors all my VPS servers every 60 seconds, and there has been no downtime at all on the network.

When I wrote my 150 days review I had three servers with, but now I have four. All has 6 months payments on them, and I do not worry at all.

I have had some unusual request to Mr. Salvatore about payments options, renewing etc, and I always get a fast reply, and they always gives me a good answerer and solutions. I’m sure that I’m one of the first asking to pay for two servers almost two months ahead of the expiration date.

Prometeus is one of the best hosting provider I have ever used. No little problems with four VPS servers is unbelievable. Their hardware is top notch. :D is not on my Top20 Benchmark list, but thats not a problem. In my book good servers has very good uptime, just works, and do not require any attention from my side. And it’s always good to know that you get a good and pretty fast reply if you contact support. Still, I know they are unmanaged, so I understand if I don’t get a reply after 10 minutes.

Nothing else to say about, they are a 6 star host in my book.

Read about me moving from to, my future is in the cloud.

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