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solusvm serial console java-rage
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solusvm serial console java-rage

maybe i'm being a bit thick, I'm trying to open the serial console for some spare VPS so i can add a user and set the ssh port for a couple (they're LES VPS). Both providers i'm getting an unsigned resource error and can't seem to get any further. Have i missed something really obvious? I'm assuming i can't login to the ipv4 boxes because there's only the root account and root logon vis ssh is disabled by default.

anyone care to offer me a clue?


  • matt_securedspeedmatt_securedspeed Member, Provider
    edited December 2013

    Check this thread:

    Edit: Just realized you posted in that thread :)

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  • View your connection settings and use those information to login from terminal just like regular SSH session. I purchased an LES box yesterday and connected by that, worked perfectly fine. Just create a session from serial console.

  • cheers ironhide, you gave me the solution in both the thread i accidentally resurrected and the new one i made!

  • Or use ssh from another ipv6 ready LEB and connect to your LES :) (I love RamNode because of this :P) - Server and website monitoring. Free to use!

  • i actually tried that, but the only one i had with ipv6 had also been rebuilt and had root logon disabled and no local user created, and the same issue with it's solusvm console :)

  • MaouniqueMaounique Member
    edited December 2013

    We also have this issue and I recommend people to use free Java plugins such as iced tea. It works flawlessly.

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