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Dedicated Server IP Justification
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Dedicated Server IP Justification

Hello guys,

I am gonna buy a dedicated server for some private usages ...
And I also requested some ips so they are asking about the IP Justification and I got a document . Its saying : "List ALL IPv4 address space currently assigned from all sources." .
I currently have another dedicated server with 3 ips ( OVH 2 x fallover ) should I list them in the list ?

I would be happy if anyone could help me . Thank You !

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  • Hello,

    You can justify that you want to create VPS's. You can also justify that you want to use different SSL for each website you host in the dedicated server.

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  • vapornodevapornode Member, Provider

    You will want to list those OVH addresses for the sake of completeness.

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  • i83i83 Member, Provider
    edited December 2013

    The two above answers should be all you need to get the additional IP's.

    EDIT - Although don't buy them if you do not have legitimate uses for them.

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  • MCHPhilMCHPhil Member, Provider
    edited December 2013

    How about not lying and being truthful about IP justification? Kind of sad the two responses here just say tell them this and it will be justified. Even better one is a provider. LOL

    To the OP, Yes I would include them for completeness. I will VERY likely X out the last octet for IP's not specifically pertaining to the provider in question. As they don't technically need to know about them. But I would, yes, for completeness.

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  • perennateperennate Member, Provider

    You can ask your provider what they want on the form.

  • Okay ! Thank You guys. I will also include my ovh to the form ...

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