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Check for ISP filter
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Check for ISP filter

Past few days I am getting a "Connection Aborted/Connection Reset/No data received" errors in my chrome browser when updating wordpress theme files or pages/posts. I even made a simple php form script that has a textarea, and for some content I post in the textarea, the browser fails, but for some other text, it would go through. These errors only happen on a POST request. This problem is not isolated to chrome only. Fails in all browsers. But surprisingly it works as it should when using a proxy or through a VPN. Also, if my wordpress/forms are posted through SSL/HTTPS

Googled for the errors, but haven't found a single way to fix it. Changed my MTU, etc. etc..
Nothing! Still the same.

Now am starting to think that the ISP must have introduced a filter (Content/Virus/Spam) that messes up with the content. Has anyone experienced something like this? or someone know a way to find out if my content is being filtered by the ISP?


  • Are you using a mobile connection?

  • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider

    What country/ISP?

  • Using an ADSL connection. Used the 3G mobile connection from the same ISP and the same thing happens.

  • now i noticed that the adsl connection even receives an ipv6 address on my router if i enable ipv6 on my wan interface. so am receiving both an ipv4 and a ipv6 address. could that pose a problem?

  • Your ISP shouldn't be filtering anything out, but you can test that by running a client/server application in like java and trying to send packets over port 80

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  • rmlhhdrmlhhd Member, Provider

    If you still having the same issue you could try connecting to a VPN and see if you have the same issue. If you do then its the site, if you don't then it's your ISP

  • skagerrakskagerrak Member
    edited December 2013

    @BuyCPanel_Kevin said:
    Your ISP shouldn't be filtering anything out

    Ok, point taken, you're not living in the EU, Africa or Asia.

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