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Free KVM Contest/Beta Testing
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Free KVM Contest/Beta Testing

BlueVMBlueVM Member
edited March 2012 in General

Alright so we are expanding to KVM shortly, however I want some beta testers for the node and I want to save myself some time in setting up the node. That's where this thread comes in... I'm going to give away 5 of the plans bellow for 3 months. All you have to do is collect 5 ISO links from various distributions and post them here.

The rules: You can only post a NEW ISO so if someone has already posted Centos 5 x64 minimal you can't post it again. In addition you can't post the same OS twice (IE you can only have 1 centos link, 1 debian link, etc...) just to make it fair. The ISOs need to be usable for either server or VNC use.

Plan includes:
256 MB of RAM
1 CPU Core (@2.5 Ghz+)
25 GB of Storage
500 GB of Bandwidth
Yours for 3 months, assuming no abuse, $3.99 /Mo. there after. Setup should be completed in roughly 24 - 48 hours from your reply here (not guaranteed, but you will get the VPS relatively soon).

Once the first 5 are gone they are gone so please don't whine that you didn't get one... I'm trying to make something interesting out of it plus this makes a great list for other providers to pull from.

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