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NVME Cache backed VM Storage
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NVME Cache backed VM Storage


  • Rolling my own VM provisioning solution based on nomad and qemu. No libvirt
  • Storage devices are already selected not changing. No extra room either
  • OS on mirrored SuperDOMs
  • Have a 256 and 512 nvme on bifurcated PCIev3 8x slot
  • 4x8TB Enterprise rust RAID 10
  • host itself has beefy CPU and RAM
  • Debian Bullseye
  • Looking for answers other than ZFS unless it's a very prescriptive response. I'm too hipster for ZFS

Trying to figure out if there's a sane path with LVM caching and raw formatted disk images on a XFS filesystem. Or if I need dedicated LVM volumes and VMs on LVM baked block storage.

Or is it not worth being clever and just keep the storage separate and provide bulk storage images as secondary disks.

Does NVME cached VM Storage ever work well?

NVME cached VM storage on RAID10
  1. The Best Way is11 votes
    1. Don't
    2. ZFS ARC cache is magic
    3. LVM cache on XFS
    4. bcache + raid10 no LVM
    5. Bachefs is stable enough build your own kern
    6. Raid0
    7. BTRFS raid10 across all 6 devices
    8. See my great idea in comments


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