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linux client side network uptime monitoring
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linux client side network uptime monitoring

Which client side linux network uptime monitoring utility (that can log timestamp/downtime) would you recommend?


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  • while sleep 10 ; do ping -q -w1 -W1 -c1 >/dev/null || date  ; done >> /var/log/outage.log
  • @rcxb said:
    while sleep 10 ; do ping -q -w1 -W1 -c1 >/dev/null || date ; done >> /var/log/outage.log

    Scam. Now my server won't start.

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  • Our AGENT checks can do some cool client-side network monitoring with 23 different check types.

    Uptime monitoring for the masses. NodePing

  • o_be_oneo_be_one Member
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    Well HetrixTools for example has a client side probe if you want something hosted and easy.

    You can also check NetData which is local hosted and can report to the actually free NetData Cloud for easy follow up and alerting. I think NetData can also be configured to only do network monitoring.

    When i was working for OVH, i've also made a script to record DDoS attempts to help DDoS team. I don't know, maybe it can help and even do more that what you need? It will also record TCPDump so you can analize later (or, for some providers like OVH, you can sent it to them so they can check more about the DDoS if it's the case).

    Good luck :) !

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