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Name some Router Models sold Dirt Cheap
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Name some Router Models sold Dirt Cheap


Anyone know about any High End Router like Mikrotik CCR1036 that can be bought Dirt Cheap, such as Juniper Old Generation routers. Can you mention some models that are sold cheap ??

The routers must be able to announce BGP.



  • kevindskevinds Member, LIR

    What is dirt cheap (as an actual number) to you?

  • @kevinds said:
    What is dirt cheap (as an actual number) to you?

    Half of the MSRP I guess.

    Like, this is 10th & 11th Intel Generation, so 8th & 9th Gen are sold cheaper.

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Provider

    Sure, Juniper MX80 is sold times under MSRP on the grey market. So is Cisco ASR100X.

  • dfroedfroe Member, Provider

    Besides your definition of 'dirt cheap' you should also specify your intended place on the spectrum betweem 'High End' and 'MikroTik'. Also whether you only want to announce or also receive partial or one or multiple full BGP table(s).

  • HostSlickHostSlick Member, Provider
    edited September 13

    The good old Cisco 6500 cheap now and never fail :D
    Sucks alot of power though

  • PHICOMM N1, only 20$( shipping fee included within China). after you get it, install Openwrt and then all done. Can be used for 500mbps internet.

    Though, try adding more money. Dirt cheap on money will end up expensive on your time, not worthy.

  • alwyzonalwyzon Member, Provider
    edited September 14

    It's probably not what you want to hear, but most "cheap" routers are cheap for a reason. They are either too weak for most use cases (for example, see full-table convergence times of the Juniper MX80/MX104 routing engines) or are so outdated/power-inefficient that your electricity savings of a newer model would quickly be more than the price of the newer router itself (for example, compare the power requirements of an older Juniper MX240 configuration vs a new MX204).

    If you want to start your own network with a small budget, better look into software routing such as FRRouting with VPP. Such setups can handle two upstreams at 10 Gbps at line rate too on rather cheap hardware. And, the moment you fill up a 10 Gbps upstream, you are likely already spending so much on network transit every month that financing two (semi-)new Juniper MX204 shouldn't cause you any headache anymore anyhow.

    — Michael

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