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Icecast Hell (need tutorial/howto/guide)
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Icecast Hell (need tutorial/howto/guide)

Dear fellow human beings,

I've been undertaking the endeavor of installing an icecast server+icegen server for several hours but this is not going without trouble. As starters I'm forced to mix 'n match info from 3 different guides plus a load of random google hits and frankly I'm just hitting error after error. Now I've managed to install the icecast server and icegen server but am stuck with a "Configuration file does not exist" error and have exhausted pretty much every related google hit.

If someone knows a good newb friendly guide to install/configure icecast+icegen on centos 6 I'll might send you a virtual cookie :)

Now I'm off bashing my head against the wall or something before my monitor takes the hit.

Kind Regards,

A fellow human being.


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