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Game Hosting Advertising?
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Game Hosting Advertising?

CltcamCltcam Member
edited November 2013 in Help

Not going to make this more complicated then it should be. What are the best places for a new game hosting provider to advertise?


  • @Zen said:
    Forums related to the game you are hosting.

    Nice answer. Only problem with that is, a lot of those forums aren't accepting of people who post just to advertise. Especially . I find that it's quite the opposite with sites like which have too many post. Do people actually look at sites like ? Is it worth posting on them?

  • @Zen is right. The best way to get yourself out there is to build connections with the communities related to your business. Get yourself involved and people will be more inclined to give you a go.

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  • Forums, or use Google Adwords; set the CPC to 0.01 of your local currency then target specific sites that gamers would visit.

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  • BrianHarrisonBrianHarrison Member, Provider

    Targeting very specific keyword phrases on Google AdWords can be effective as well. The broad keywords such as "game server hosting" are far too competitive, but if you use specific terms there are more opportunities.

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  • thehraythehray Member
    edited November 2013

    @ClTcam If you want you can advertise on my website. Or I can post Sponsored tweets on twitter.

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  • Thanks for the great recommendations. Just to let you guys know, my website is . We're working really hard to be successful.

  • You can advertise on steam too!

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  • Good point!

  • I wonder if the steam forums would be a good place to advertise.

  • @Cltcam said:
    I wonder if the steam forums would be a good place to advertise.

    You cannot advertise on Steam Forums. Really you just need to get yourself out there within gaming communities. You can post on industry related forums, etc. This is pretty self explanatory if you've done your research on the industry.

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