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Gift Registry Script
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Gift Registry Script

Good afternoon LowEndTalkers! Coming up to the Christmas season and I'm looking to setup a personal Gift Registry website for my family. The site would allow users to post items and then other members of the family to reserve and purchase them. In the past I have used phpgiftreg (, but was looking for other options.

Are there others?

Thanks for the help!


  • That's a pretty neat script, I installed it to play around with, the only downside I see is that everyone needs their own user and make their own list etc.. Which I guess is what you're looking for, just a little more complicated then I need.

    I'm not sure how many scripts like this there are, what sort of features do you need that phpgiftreg doesn't have? - VPS Tips, Tricks & Tutorials Various tools, screenshots, password gen, looking glass, etc..

  • I guess mainly to see if there are any better self hosted solutions like this. I've been using it for a while and it works...I'm not the best with programming or design, so changing some of the options are not very straight forward.

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