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What software do you use to manage your inventory, office resources etc...?
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What software do you use to manage your inventory, office resources etc...?

YakoozaYakooza Member

Wondering what software do you use to keep track and manage your resources?



  • aquaaqua Member, Provider

    I'd recommend Netbox if you're in the hosting business. But otherwise I think Excel/Google Sheets should do the trick.

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  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member

    Office resources? Like meeting rooms?
    You can add them to your Active Directory, and then everyone in your organization can reserve them through Outlook.

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  • iKeyZiKeyZ Member

    If you mean inventory/assets we have started using Lansweeper at work which is nice for creating reports of assets. If you mean meeting rooms/office resources - what @yoursunny said is the easiest way

  • bdlbdl Member


  • YakoozaYakooza Member

    I mean like servers, spare hardware, racks, office computers, spare hardware and etc..

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  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member

    We have Sunflower Asset Management System for everything that worth more than a few hundred dollars.
    It creates a asset tag on each item.
    Any time an item is moved to a different room or transferred to another responsible person, it must be logged in Sunflower.

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  • Check out Snipe IT. Open source.

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  • PeterPPeterP Member, Provider

    For IP space monitoring and tracking, we're currently using phpIPAM which works well for our needs. For all of the other stuff, we're currently not using anything to keep track of hardware and other assets but we probably should.

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  • AdvinAdvin Member, Provider
    edited June 8

    I mainly use Excel/Google Sheets, but I plan on just making my own dashboard from scratch as a replacement for Excel/Google Sheets.

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