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Can someone recommend a good webmail service?
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Can someone recommend a good webmail service?


I have a few low end VPSs, and I need a few email accounts connected to those services. I registered the domain names with GoDaddy (arrggg). GoDaddy offers a free/cheap email with each domain, but I have found the reliability GoDaddy to be pretty bad, as often enough emails sent from GoDaddy are thrown to the user's trash folder.

So, I switched to Rackspace Webmail. I have had great success with Rackspace for several years and the emails never get sent to trash. However, the costs are a little higher than I want to pay: $10 a month for 5 boxes, but I don't use all 5 so it seems like wasted money. I end up spending more on my webmail than my actual VPS, which seems a little backwards to me (but perhaps not). Perhaps Rackspace has a good service because it is more expensive and this prevents spammers from using the service.

Anyone have any suggestions for another service? The requirements are that must have excellent deliverability, and I need to be able to daily send about 200 automated (non spam) smtp relays from my VPS.

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  • For the automated messages, use a transactional email service like Mandrill, and for your email, use Zoho. I use the same setup, no problems at all.

  • - Nice :)

  • @darknessends said: - Nice :)

    With outlook, I think only the paid service is AD free.. I would go with ZOHO.

  • thanks everyone for your thoughts. I gave Zoho a try, looks great and so far seems to be good at delivering. I have never heard of Zoho before and I appreciate the suggestion.

    Thanks for the suggestions for Mandrill or sendgrid. I have used sendgrid before. But I think for this case, I will just use Zoho as an smtp relay. I will be well under the daily limits (for quite a while) on their business "lite" plan. I can migrate to mailgun/sendgrid/etc once my traffic gets higher.

  • Can someone recommend a personal web based email that's secure and encrypted? Like the defunct lavabit?

  • Yago ! I recommend than using your own dedicated server at some secure sweden data center.

  • wychwych Member
    edited November 2013

    @adamMc I also second Live Domains (by Outlook), I use it on multiple domains.

    @Yago I feel hosting your own is the way to go, but if you find anything be sure to post back (I'm also on the hunt)!

    Taking a hiatus.

  • FiberVMFiberVM Member
    edited November 2013

    @darknessends said:
    Yago ! I recommend than using your own dedicated server at some secure sweden data center.

    I am not entirely sure what your point is considering most people don't have anything in their e-mail inbox that makes you want to host in an offshore jurisdiction.

    Furthermore, if this is regarding Sweden's freedom of speech laws: they only apply to their citizens, not any assets in their country, unless owned by Swedish citizens.

  • thanks for the zoho tip.

  • Airmail, Mailbox, Sparrow.

  • I'm using Zoho now, but they going derp yesterday.

  • I've never even considered getting an email "service" when you could personally set on up yourself (with a few head aches here and there of course) I'd just use postfix/dovecot+squirrelmail.

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  • jhjh Member

    If I were to give up Google Apps for anything it would be Atmail.

  • earlearl Member
    edited November 2013

    If you want to host it yourself you can install webuzo.. the free version comes with squirrelmail and an option to use roundcube.. also comes with DNS, webserver and a few scripts included in the free version..

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