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Practical requirements for installing Jitsi on low end VPS
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Practical requirements for installing Jitsi on low end VPS

lpnlpn Member

I need to deploy self-hosted Jitsi that supports video conferencing of 4 users. It seems that there are no official requirements posted on the Jitsi website and on their forums there are several threads, for example here or here that list various requirements, but some of these are for larger installations that support much more users and others seem too low (512 MB RAM).

Does anyone has experience with the minimum requirements for hosting 4-user video conferences?


  • sdglhmsdglhm Member
    edited May 3

    You can use jitsi for 4 person conference with just 1GB without any major hiccups from my personal experience. Anything more than 4GB would be a waste if you're planning for only 4 user conferences. 1vCore would be enough given it's not highly oversold.

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  • lorianlorian Member

    4x 720p @ 2x E5L v2 ≈ 50% CPU and 10MBit/s in/Out

    While jitsi doesn't need much RAM, it's really CPU heavy.
    You may want to checkout this guide for further tuning:

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  • lpnlpn Member

    Thanks @sdglhm and @lorian.

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