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DirectAdmin Optimization
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DirectAdmin Optimization

UmairUmair Member


Finally, I am considering switching from cPanel to DA. Been testing DA lately and wondering how good it would be to use Apache + Nginx with DA or simply go for Nginx as web server.

I am using only PHP 7.3 and 7.4 with php-fpm options.
Going to only host a few personal sites first (all using WordPress)
Do you think the default Nginx server configs are optimized for avg traffic sites ??
Or do we need to dig into all Nginx settings to get the most out of it ?

Are you (who switched from cP to DA) seeing better performance with DA with Nginx web server and php-fpm ???
cPanel with Cloudlinux and mod_lsapi for php ??

I know, I know, its all relative. One option might be good for one person and an other option for other person.
Still wondering if DA + Nginx + php-fpm is optimized (and secure) enough to ditch cPanel + Cloudlinux + mod_lsapi ...... Any thoughts ??

_(It ain't shared hosting setup running 100 of sites. Its shared hosting but only a couple personal / friends site) _


  • Try to use openlitespeed as web server, after this you can use LSCache plugin for wordpress.

    Web and VPS hosting - Top notch performance

  • UmairUmair Member

    @hostfactor said:
    Try to use openlitespeed as web server, after this you can use LSCache plugin for wordpress.

    Thanks .. I am not looking for Openlitespeed on this server. (Have issues with its cache on some sites) .. I do have LSWS enterprise license on my cPanel server.

    I am mainly looking for Nginx performance and using DA to manage things for different users/sites.

  • jarjar Provider

    With Apache using htaccess for patching up little holes is not only easy, but plugins and themes might expect them to work and your clients may be unaware that their included security measures aren’t working.

    And that’s the reason I wouldn’t go straight Nginx for shared web hosting. Nginx + Apache is the nice compromise. The defaults are mostly fine but their template system can help you change things as needed, example:

    Founder @ MXroute

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