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ZAP-HOSTING.COM ★ Blazing-fast VPS Hosting
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ZAP-HOSTING.COM ★ Blazing-fast VPS Hosting

acmx1101acmx1101 Member
edited April 11 in Providers

Every VPS customer gets full administrative access with us. Several graphical administration interfaces allow very easy and clear administration of the VPS. Due to the extremely favorable prices and the possibility to pay VPS with PaySafeCard, ZAP-Hosting has become one of the most popular VPS providers on the German VPS market in the last 6 years. Our VPS are designed to be used for nearly every conceivable server application. Whether it’s a VPS with Minecraft or a VPS with Plesk for Webspace – the ZAP VPS can do anything you want!

VPS Plans

Linux VPS Hosting: With just one click you can install your own Game- and TeamSpeak-Servers via our innovative web interface.
from £3.39

Windows VPS Hosting
Windows vServer Hosting: Comfortable control your Windows vServer via remote desktop access. No differences between the usage of your own Windows computer and the server.
from £8.61

FreeBSD VPS Hosting
FreeBSD vServer Hosting: Benefit from unrestricted SSH access, high stability, fast speed, as well as pre-installed services.
from £8.61

**Server details: **
* Highspeed SSDs
* Full access
* DDoS Protection + Manager
* Traffic Flatrate (Fair Use)
* rDNS records
* Linux
* Plesk
* Gameserver via click
* Voiceserver via click
* Windows
* Plesk
* Remote Desktop
* much more!
* Get started

Order Link


  • edited April 11

    You seem to have forgotten your provider tag there, buddy.
    Try applying for one, after your ban expires.
    Or don't.

    Thanked by 2FrankZ AlwaysSkint
  • WolfWolf Member

    Another one? Sheesh. Not even summer now.

  • @acmx1101 said: – the ZAP VPS can do anything you want!

    Too bad the ZAP VPS can't save you from your spamming

    No congrats on your first post

    "Linux will run happily with only 4 MB of RAM, including all of the bells and whistles such as the X Window System, Emacs, and so on." (M. Welsh & L. Kaufman, Running Linux, 2e, 1996, p. 32)

  • ZAP-Hosting was the cause for degradation of public hives in DayZ Mod. They had zero security and their servers were full of hackers and dupers. There was specific scripts available to ruin the zap-hosting servers due to their custom shit that was unsafe.

    It was literally the cancer of DayZ Mod. Never buy from this provider.

    Thanked by 1corbpie
  • darbdarb Member

    WOW, summer must be just around the corner already!

    Thanked by 1Falzo
  • FalzoFalzo Member

    this one is gold...

    I especially like how hudo**** bossi**** and khadan**** are ordering servers every five minutes. thatbo***** must have gotten 5 gameservers now while was just watching the announcements.

    they probably bring capacity from antarctica and mars so that they can sell at this frequency it'd be easily 500+ server per day. so no worries, this business is so strong, they actually don't need to care for any rules, but instead can just spam their shitty offer everywhere. they do not care about any clients and for sure do not respect any prospects but rather spam you right in the face.

    Thanked by 1RIYAD KVM in US/UK/NL/DE: 15% off first 6 month | Netcup VPS/rootDS - 5€ off: 36nc15279180197 (ref)

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