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Backup Solution for Your Business Website
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Backup Solution for Your Business Website

hivalidityhivalidity Member

I am just wondering to know which backup solution are you using to take your business website's regular backups?
Thanks in advance.


  • cron + rsync = :smile: - Get Popular Posts for Your Websites Without Plugin

  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Provider

    make sure that your backup is stored on different network and have multiple replication, so if something happened to two/three location so have alternative backups.

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  • cron and rsync mostly stored on multiple different servers/providers together with full .zip backups every few hours as well.

  • o_be_oneo_be_one Member
    edited April 6

    borgbackup + borgmatic

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  • Cron + rsync is so unsafe. Hiw do you deal with retention and backup rotation? How do you receive alerts if rsync fails? Yeah the tools are quite powerfull but too much of manual work and potentialy unstable.
    My go to solution is :
    2. bacula via
    3. borgmatic + borgbase + cron job monitor

    For all the pockets :smile:

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