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Streaming Box - Substitute for Vimeo/FB
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Streaming Box - Substitute for Vimeo/FB

A small organization to which belong was using FB to live stream weekly events. They've decided to leave FB. As I am the most tech savvy person there, and that is not saying much, I'm in charge of coming up with a substitute. I thought Vimeo would work, but I've just discovered you need the $75 a month premium account to live stream. For $20/m you can host your videos. From Googling, I've found that I can replicate FB/Vimeo with a VPS/Server and open source software.

Is any one selling turnkey boxes? If not, what do you think I would need (resources) to host a weekly live stream event that runs about 5GB at 720p, and is watched by about 20 people? I have a sysadmin who can help me get everything working

My ultimate goal is to embed the code on the organization's website (WordPress) and live stream from a Mevo camera - if possible. If not, I'll be replacing the camera, and buying the right one too.


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