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Does someone know why SyS is not delevering servers? (or is it just me)
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Does someone know why SyS is not delevering servers? (or is it just me)

0xOkami0xOkami Member

So I came across a deal today from SyS for a nice deal for a dedicated server, but they promised a 120s deploy, it's been a few hours nobody is responding even on phone they keep routing me, does someone know what to do? My paypal is verified by the way. Where's their fast 365/24/7 support lol.


  • WSCallumWSCallum Member, Provider

    Are you a new customer? If so you'll need to go through manual verification which will be done by sales/billing who don't work weekends.

    And no, OVH/SYS are not well known for their fast support either so don't expect it, especially on their SYS brand.

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  • 0xOkami0xOkami Member

    Oh, that explains it and yes I'am a new SyS customer but I've had much servers at OVH already. So it will be delivered tomorrow?

  • deankdeank Member, Troll

    Who knows? We are not them.

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  • cochoncochon Member

    @0xOkami said:
    So it will be delivered tomorrow?

    Easter Monday is a public holiday (long weekend) in France so probably not...

  • sunnygsunnyg Member

    They're back at work on Tuesday. The account verification is handled by the billing team, and it is just one aspect of their job. They will probably be back to hundreds of such verifications and thousands of other billing-related tickets after the holiday weekend so don't be surprised if it takes longer. You can always call your local branch and request the billing team to expedite your verification for whatever reason you can cook up.

  • Vova1234Vova1234 Member, Provider

    Do you have a payment stuck on "We check payment manually"?

    If the payment does not freeze, then usually quickly deliver as indicated in the API.

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