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2.99€ Dedi is back! #FLASHSALE
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  • drizbodrizbo Member

    I am mad

    Thanked by 2MrH kalipus
  • lentrolentro Member, Provider
  • Thanks! Snagged one.

    Thanked by 1drunkendog
  • JabJabJabJab Member

    Damn, sold out, but what else to expect.

    Any "better" OVH monitor discord script for those?!

  • SirFoxySirFoxy Member

    its not even april fools day here yet smh

    Thanked by 2skorupion TimboJones

    lurking in the shadows like a wombat or some shit

  • >:(

  • @Neoon said:

    Order here: CLICK

    Ah, you got me! Not even April Fools day here yet, and I already got caught lol 🤣

  • team_traitorteam_traitor Member
    edited March 31

    damn you @Neoon .. hahahaha. you got me there sir.

  • Classic!! Still have my equivalent but with 1TB and 1G connection.

  • RurikoRuriko Member

    I'm now waiting for someone to make a megathread with real april fool offers just like last year

  • cgs3238cgs3238 Member

    I’m so lucky, got 16mb RAM

  • It's not good.

    CPU is very old and doesn't have SSE4.2 let alone AESNI.
    Frequency isn't everything.

    IPv6 is /128.
    I could live with /112 but not less, because I'd like to put wacky words in the last bits of IPv6 address.
    Anyone noticed that the IPv6-to-IPv9 bridge of yoursunny summer host has "summer" in its IPv6 address?

    I have five ≥1GB, ≤$16/year KVM servers. Are you jealous?

  • james50ajames50a Member
    edited April 1

    Cant belive you guys missed the i3 dedi for 9.99

  • I didn't order any. They are not potassium certified.

    Thanked by 1its420somewhere
  • jon617jon617 Member
    edited April 1

    Wow. This server deal is on fire 🔥

  • haha you got me

  • ExabyteExabyte Member

    I have ordered 1024 pcs this morning, and sold out now.

  • codelockcodelock Member

    Just imagine if the link redirected to pornhub and people getting fired for opening it thier office

  • XiaomingXiaoming Member

    Really nice deal, finally got one after hours refreshing. Thanks!

  • brueggusbrueggus Member

    Can I buy two and quadruple the resources?

  • angeliusangelius Member

    @jon617 said:
    Wow. This server deal is on fire 🔥

    and soon literally on fire :D

  • waynechriswaynechris Member
    edited April 1

    Thank you very much op, I have already purchased 2 dedi

    ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ##



    ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ##

    Thu Apr 1 15:12:17 CST 2021

    Basic System Information:

    Processor : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v2 @ 2.60GHz
    CPU cores : 1 @ 2599.998 MHz
    AES-NI : ✔ Enabled
    VM-x/AMD-V : ✔ Enabled
    RAM : 4.1 GiB
    Swap : 4.1 GiB
    Disk : 4.1 GiB

    fio Disk Speed Tests (Mixed R/W 50/50):

    Block Size 4k (IOPS) 64k (IOPS)
    Read 4.1 MB/s (4.1k) 4.1 MB/s (4.1k)
    Write 4.1 MB/s (4.1k) 4.1 MB/s (4.1k)
    Total 4.1 MB/s (4.1k) 4.1 MB/s (4.1k)
    Block Size 512k (IOPS) 1m (IOPS)
    ------ --- ---- ---- ----
    Read 4.1 MB/s (4.1k) 4.1 MB/s (4.1)
    Write 4.1 MB/s (4.1k) 4.1 MB/s (4.1)
    Total 4.1 MB/s (4.1k) 4.1 MB/s (4.1k)

    iperf3 Network Speed Tests (IPv4):

    Provider | Location (Link) | Send Speed | Recv Speed
    | | |
    Clouvider | London, UK (10G) | 4.1 Mbits/sec | 4.1 Mbits/sec | Paris, FR (10G) | 4.1 Mbits/sec | 4.1 Mbits/sec
    WorldStream | The Netherlands (10G) | 4.1 Mbits/sec | 4.1 Mbits/sec
    Biznet | Jakarta, Indonesia (1G) | busy | busy
    Clouvider | NYC, NY, US (10G) | 4.1 Mbits/sec | 4.1 Mbits/sec

    yabs is something wrong >:)

    ClouveoAMD SSD Cloud Vps & Hosting

  • dosaidosai Member

    Ended by buying 2. Anybody want one?

    Thanked by 1pbx
  • pbxpbx Member

    @dosai said: Ended by buying 2. Anybody want one?

    Sent you a PM. Are you sure they allow transfers?

    oo bad it's OOS. I hope they'll restock soon!

  • EddingEdding Member
    edited April 1

    they are in SBG2 so they could run a little bit hot

    Thanked by 1webcraft
  • jon617jon617 Member
    edited April 1

    This dedi is compatible with the new Nvidia GPU! 🔥🔥

    Thanked by 3webcraft pbx lentro
  • defaultdefault Member

    It came back again... I almost ordered... and was gone.

    Fastmako (aff) - another cheap VPS.

  • JariJari Member

    @yoursunny said:
    IPv6 is /128.

    Is that really true? As far as I know, they always configured and advertised /128, but you could use the entire /64 if you knew about it.

    Thanked by 1yoursunny
  • TheLinuxBugTheLinuxBug Member
    edited April 1

    No one can resist the 18-inch Long Johnson! Remember to use proper lubrication!

    Have an Allwinner H3 device? Check out H3Droid! | Lichee Pi Zero - The 6$ SBC | #SYSarm - Get It! | Armbian | Atomic Pi Mirror
    22+ Years IT Experience in Linux/Windows Hosting, Administration and Development Services

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