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Jexia shutting down
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Jexia shutting down

Basically Jexia is shutting down, they've sent this email:

Dear Jexia user,

We are sad to inform you that we will cease all activities for the Jexia platform as of April 30th 2021.

Over the past few years we’ve poured our hearts into this platform. And although we consider it to be a technological success, we unfortunately haven’t been able match this commercially. As a result we have decided to call it quits.

This means we must hereby terminate the user agreement, and that your account, work and all data on the platform will be removed and permanently inaccessible as of April 30th 2021.

Please take this time to secure any data on the platform that you wish to keep. Should you have any questions, please see our FAQ.

view FAQ
Thank you for using our platform. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have!

Kind regards,

The Jexia Team

Have somebody used them? I think it will a disaster to find such a good offer :cold_sweat:

Always trying to be negative ^^.


  • Never even heard of them.

  • Never heard of them, and for pricing, I don't know...

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  • sdglhmsdglhm Member

    Well. Not anymore

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  • donlidonli Member

    RIP Jexia, we never knew ya.

  • Who?

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Moderator


    For LET support, please visit the support desk.

  • LTnigerLTniger Member


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  • jsgjsg Member

    Seems to be a weird javascript centered "easy toolbox" with hosting built in, way too many staff for their business size thinking of themselves as empowering developers (other js guys).
    Oh and, don't you think it's a (largely unknown) startup. Nope! It's a scale up!

    My personal take: If you can't express your business, your very core idea, in one, max two lines, it's probably not worth starting it. And "jexia" seems to have failed to express it in pages. But then, I'm not a javascript "developer" so I might just fail to get it.

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  • Jackma1Jackma1 Member

    never heard of them.

  • After reading their website, I still don't get it.
    Fire the Copy Editor & try again with less staff?

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