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kidrockkidrock Member
edited March 31 in Help

I set up a VPN on my VPS. VPS server's ip address is of USA East datacenter (135.x.x.x). However, while using VPN, checked my ip address on different websites. Some websites found my ip address to be of OVH USA East and some websites found ip address to be of OVH Europe. Even Facebook, and email clients like Outlook alerted me for a sign-in from Europe.

Also, few websites blocked access for using VPN. Even LET did not let me access on Chrome but I could access on Brave. What could be the reason that my US ip address is detected as European ip by these few websites? And since I am not using commercial VPN but VPN installed on a single VPS ip, how do these few websites (LET, couponcabin, etc) detected I am using VPN on my dedicated ip?


  • HarambeHarambe Member

    If you're in Europe, you might not be tunnelling your DNS over the VPN? Try a DNS leak test to make sure.

    Otherwise it's probably just an OVH IP issue, they assume it's EU because OVH.

    On the west coast of the US a lot of VPS provider IPs will get you redirected to Google/YouTube Hong Kong, or in the case of one of my BuyVM VPS's - Argentina strangely enough.

    This is because a lot of users from those regions were using the exact IP or IPs on the same subnet and the service assumes it must be from that region.

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  • sanvitsanvit Member
    1. IP geolocation DB isn't perfect. Websites usually buys the DB from multiple sources, and they might have different data.
    2. Since you're connecting from a datacenter IP (e.g. OVH), server would assume you are either a bot or a VPN user. Who else would connect from a DC IP?
  • OVH IP Geolocation is a disaster with some companies. Google thinks my OVH BHS VPS is located in the Philippines.

  • defaultdefault Member

    Fastmako (aff) - another cheap VPS.

  • a subnet can be re-mounted to another place. Perhaps that IP subnet was previously routed through Europe and as mentioned previously some geoDB could collect static info of the IP.

  • Jackma1Jackma1 Member

    use a commercial vpn like nordvpn .

  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon Member
    edited April 1

    I once had Facebook think I was in Afghanistan when I was using a VPN on a VPS provided by that guy from South Australia on lowendspirit. Marking myself safe for "Afghanistan earthquake" raised a few questions :D

    There's a few websites like DNS leak and so on that show you some idea. But generally, those ip ranges get recycled all over and so they will never be right.

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  • moom0omoom0o Member

    @Jackma1 said:
    use a commercial vpn like nordvpn .

    Nord is a joke

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