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Dedicated Server Provider with good DMCA handeling
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Dedicated Server Provider with good DMCA handeling

I am looking for a decent adult dedicated server provider. My budget is around 30$ - 50 $ monthly. Storage should be at least 500 gig HDD. For CPU and RAM everything will work as long as it can handle a image bases WordPress website with 30-50k monthly visitors (about 30-50 concurrent). I will be using Plesk which I already have a license for.

As far as DMCA is concerned i am totally fine with removing any content as long as the provider gives me sufficient time to act. I don't usually get many complaints usually 5-6 per month. Location does not matter much as I use paid CDN.

The main thing I am looking for is reliability. Budget is no problem as long a the host is reliable and gives good uptime. My last host was super unreliable and I want to stay away from hosts like that. Thanks a lot.


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