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Ecatel down
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Ecatel down

Ecatel seems to be down for almost 7hours now.

Not only their Website, i know people that have Servers there which are also down.

Anyone knows something about it?

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  • All the booter owners must be crying.

  • InglarInglar Member
    edited November 2013

    At least is up at this moment.

  • GunterGunter Member
    edited November 2013

    I wouldn't be surprised if they got raided, by the end of it all, it became borderline bulletproof hosting.

    but no signs of that happening.

  • Its back up now after more then 7h. But might be interesting why they went down though

    | - Offshore VPS

  • rskrsk Member, Provider

    There's a thread over in the outages section in WHT if you want to know. Something about fiber...

  • darknyan said: but no signs of that happening.

    Spam, DDoS and countermeasures are big business, nobody is interested in curbing them.
    If it was some free speech issue, then, yeah, they would have been raided/taken down long ago.

    Extremist conservative user, I wish to preserve human and civil rights, free speech, freedom of the press and worship, rule of law, democracy, peace and prosperity, social mobility, etc. Now you can draw your guns.

  • Here's the reason;

    there is a problem with our fiber equipment, we will update all customers ASAP and problem should be fixed ASAP. engineer is on its way!

    kind regards
    ecatel staff

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