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Packet loss issue
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Packet loss issue

someuser1someuser1 Member

Hello, I have a VPS hosted in France by HostNamaste. One day I could not reach my instance, opened a ticket and they solved it by changing the IP address. That's when the problems started. Since then I experience packet losses when I try to connect to the server from my internet connection. There are no problems when trying from other ISPs, only between my ISP (DIGI) and HostNamaste. I have reopened the ticket on the HostNamaste support page and contacted my ISP too, but both of them shook me off, they both said they don't experience any problems in their networks. My ISP has told me to check my firewall rules (which is clearly not the issue). HostNamaste support said to try with a different ISP which is ridiculous, since I won't change to a different ISP because of some misconfigured router. These screenshots are made running mtr -bTP22 <my_vps_ip_address>: 1
2. I don't know what to do now – can somebody please point me in the right direction regarding solving this issue?

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