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kimsufi with ssd
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kimsufi with ssd

do you think kimsufi some day will offer ssd on their ks10 server?


  • DataGizmosDataGizmos Member
    edited March 5

    Sure, why not? It's an awesome move to spend money upgrading a product line that is practically always sold out. I'm sure dropping the money for SSD's and the labor would be view by Oles as the most prudent expense he could make for 2021. /s

    Probably should submit a ticket rather than getting random guesses from people with random levels of aptitude

  • edited March 5

    Probably not, I assume their margins are not all that high so the extra hassle of offering more flexible configurations isn't going to be worth it for them. You need one of their higher end brands for that.

    What would you be looking for that the KS-9 doesn't offer with its 2x240G SSDs? The CPU is similar looking at benchmarks found in a superficial search (~15% better for the KS-10's CPU until the workload is such that you take advantage of the extra vCores offered via HT), and those units have ECC RAM.

    Of course the question is usually moot given that most of the time they are all out of stock!

  • rm_rm_ Member

    Just go with the KS-9.

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