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Advertise on review anyone?
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Hey guys, what are your experiences with Thanks :smile:


  • Poland provider. Prety noce price for 64GB dedicated with ryzen 7. Not much to say. Test them.

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  • Lousy network and anti-dos, everything else at a good level

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  • JoeFJoeF Member

    Would have said they were good until today. This morning they had a power failure and all my servers went offline and this evening they have had catastrophic network issues that still have not been resolved 4 hours in.

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  • Dear @dodheimsgard, i work with them for bit less a year. As i always keep connection with my servers i can say that i can remember 3 or 4 times they had non-serious network problems. Usually they fix in hour. It seems they are under DDoS those times.

    And yesterday they had all servers rebooting due to accident.

    Why are they cool?
    1. Unbeatable prices. Their Ryzen 5 config available for this price only in Hetzner, but Hetzner has also setup fees. Skynode doesn't.
    2. 1Gpbs unmetered connection.
    3. Fast and free IP-KVM. They connect it usually in 15-30 minutes (i wait long only one time, when in was New Year) after request in panel and leave it for 9 hours. You can request it again right after disconnection and they will do without questions.
    4. Ready for custom configurations and other questions. Their leadership members don't think they are gods and talk with their customers directly.
    5. Accepting PayPal. You can say "it's usual", but some of LET TOP providers do not have this option:-/

    What do i not like?
    1. Support by e-mail. I'm used to seeing the status of my ticket. Was it escalated / sent to another department, when and what was done. I like to see all my tickets in one place, because sometimes during the discussion there are some solutions that could help me again.
    2. Don't have Ryzen 9 configs :'(

    So i suppose SkyNode is great low-end provider. Currently have 6 servers there. Give them a try.

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