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AlmaLinux migration script just arrived
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AlmaLinux migration script just arrived

Just received in my mail. Kudos to Cloudlinux team.

Hello !

Today we are proud to present the script to quickly convert from Enterprise Linux 8 to AlmaLinux.

You can find the script (and accompanying tests and toolset) here:

The roadmap with the next milestones for it is available in the github repo as well. Like AlmaLinux itself, it is still under development, so please refrain from using it in production servers until we leave the beta stage.

Try it in your test systems and let us know how it goes.Your feedback is important and keeps us focused on the right path, the community path.

All the best,

The AlmaLinux Team

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  • stratagemstratagem Member, Provider

    It's coming along very well. Already have a few dev servers converted which are holding up very well indeed.

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