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Nagios Core Installation Script for Debian Wheezy
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Nagios Core Installation Script for Debian Wheezy


  • Good stuff. It's always nice to see an install script that isn't just
    (apt-get|yum) install blah
    wget -O /etc/blah.conf
    service blah start

  • Looks okay, too bad it's for Wheezy and not Squeeze. I'm really liking Observium, I should publish my observium/nginx/php-fpm install script, works well and uses half the memory as the default apache install. Anyone know what nagios core memory usage is like? looks pretty basic so I'd expect it to be low. - VPS Tips, Tricks & Tutorials Various tools, screenshots, password gen, looking glass, etc..

  • @nunim I've got core running in about 20MB using Apache, with occasional spikes to around 40MB.

    Here lies Nekki. He loved massive amounts of storage, K-Pop and calling people cunts.

  • Thanks for share this

  • @nunim are you able to supply that script? It sounds fantastic!

    I've got nagios running on a 128MB VPS but I just dislike Apache, I've been on and off with different monitoring tools nagios so far is pretty good, I would like to try others though.

  • nice script.

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