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Similar dedicated servers to seedhost
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Similar dedicated servers to seedhost

afnafn Member
edited February 5 in Requests


I'm interested in the SG 16TRC available at

a good 6 cores server, location NL is a must since we need the awesome 1gbps full duplex network. and 16TB under 55€

I believe it's very good value for money, but I was wondering are there any "traps"?

Anyway, I'm afraid of the 100TB limit and they did not mention anything about the possibility to buy more if necessary. I will probably not exceed it at all, but in case it's a busy month with extra backup, or we encounter a drive failure and re-upload the data we may end up finishing the 100 TB.

So I'm looking for some provider who has similar to SG 16TRC in same location with the option to get more traffic (possibly an extra 10-30TB) if needed for a reasonable price or possibilty for early renewal (i.e starting the new month for example after 25 days instead of waiting till the 30th day).

I saw walkerserver have a great deal for 150TB for an extra 25€, but they don't have a 6 cores model similar to SG16TRC from seedhost.

Also the possibility to get 2 extra IPs ( or an Ipv6) will be much appreciated but It is not a must.

P.S: we already have a 4x4TB, i7-2600 for 33€ from Hetzner since 2015, we're just looking for a better network (and possibly better cpu) . So we're looking for a long-term period. If the server is good I can make a contract for 1 year or with with 2/3 months advance payment).
Any suggestions and offers are appreciated :)

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