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Layering Volume Manager
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Layering Volume Manager

jmgcaguiclajmgcaguicla Member
edited January 30 in Help

Are there Filesystems/Volume Managers that allow for a layered fs layout? I haven't tried out BTRFS, ZFS and have only worked with LVM to a limited extent so I'm not sure if what I'm describing is possible with those.

Basically what I'm trying to accomplish is sort of a factory reset setup, I have the base OS install on an immutable partition then layer another partition that only stores changes to it; so if I want to do a reset I just wipe out the layered partition and I would still have a working install.

I have had success with this setup using multiple basic partitions and overlayfs but find it too cumbersome to maintain, I've read about snapshots for LVM/BTRFS/ZFS but am still not quite sure if those can be used here.


  • jmgcaguiclajmgcaguicla Member
    edited January 30

    Just found out LVM snapshots are CoW and aren't anything special, they can be treated as simple block devices which exactly fits my needs.

    I basically just need to mount the snapshot instead of the original volume to get the layered setup.

    /thread but additional suggestions are also welcome

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