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Looking for an offshore Managed VPS for a pharma website
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Looking for an offshore Managed VPS for a pharma website

lateramisolateramiso Member
edited January 14 in Requests

Basically the title.
We have received complaints and must change our host. The new host should have no issues with such complaints and be located outside the USA and EU.

We prefer a managed VPS, budget is around 10-15$. The website has very low traffic.
Unmanaged would work as well, but less preferred.

It is important that you provide some kind of DDOS protection and that you are absolutely ok with us hosting a pharma (steroids) website on your platform!

We are under heavy DDOS and receive many complaints to our hosting from our competitors.

We can pay with crypto or creditcard.


  • marvelmarvel Member, Provider

    You can't use Cloudflare to hide your host?

  • cazrzcazrz Member
    edited January 14

    Just do static site and load with CDN? If WP then use caching that supports CDN? Or better yet use WP static.

  • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider

    You want to pay 15$ for managed, DDoS protection AND pharma?

    You know why your old host kicked you, and you know why any other will: Your budget is not realistic in any way, managed or not, especially as even Russia and China deal hard with pharma.

    Steroids are legal and non prescription in Croatia (can just buy in pharmacy with a Croatian ID/residence card, similar to weed in NL) but i dont think selling online is.

  • Do I smell spam? >:)

    Thanked by 2WebProject Tony40

    Long live

  • We are located in Antarctica, outside of USA or EU.

    I don't care what content you put there, as long as it's yo.

    Thanked by 1eingress
  • Good luck with your budget

    (No congrats on your first post)

    "Linux will run happily with only 4 MB of RAM, including all of the bells and whistles such as the X Window System, Emacs, and so on." (M. Welsh & L. Kaufman, Running Linux, 2e, 1996, p. 32)

  • Tony40Tony40 Member
    edited January 14

    This website is in the US, You are asking for a server to sell something that is against the law.. you post should be delete and your ass banned from here!

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