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Dedicated Server in Luxembourg or Switzerland.
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Dedicated Server in Luxembourg or Switzerland.

Looking for something in Luxembourg or Switzerland with the following very loosely defined specs:

24-32GB ram
4TB of storage (2 x 2TB in RAID-1 but preferred: 4X2TB in RAID-10)
CPU - I'm open to this, but the box will be used for virtualization for a low number of VMs.
1Gbps port minimum with ideally 'unmetered' BW but 50TB/mo should be considered the absolute minimum with 'affordable' overages. (Some high BW applications will be hosted on this)
Reasonably priced IPv4. Each VM will need at least one, so let's say 30~ is needed and IPv6 capability is an absolute must. Getting additional IPv6 within reason shouldn't be an issue.

Budget is loose/open right now, just trying to find some providers outside of the ones I've already scoped when DuckDuckGoing providers. I'm aware of all the top results but not of all the smaller companies and/or resllers.


  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    Are these containers you want to run? Our Ryzen servers fit the bill if so. Not so much if its KVMs.

    LUX is a decently expensive market either way.


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