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Optimize vps cost
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Optimize vps cost


actually I have 15 vps (small plan on server4you + 2 Medium plan) and 5 ssd speed plan on contabo,

I use plesk for panel and i buy for each vps a web admin plan.

My site are built in prestashop or wp.

What do you suggest? maybe buy 2-3 big dedicated server and move it all in?

Also i need to semplify management with me.


  • WSCallumWSCallum Member, Provider

    Do you actually need individual VMs? It would be more cost effective to have one large VPS/Dedicated Server especially where licensing costs are concerned.

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  • on server4you plesk it's free for dedicated server. Actually with vat vps + plesk i'm 22€ for each vps.

    No, my client even if I send him access are not capable to use.

    that's why...

  • If you have so many VPS then moving to a dedicated server is a really good choice.
    With a dedicated server, you will have dedicated resources like dedicated CPU, bandwidth and the whole disk I/O belongs to you.
    In VPS, the CPU, disk I/O and bandwidth are shared which makes the VPS slow.
    For the panel, maybe you want to give a try to CyberPanel which uses Litespeed web server. It has a lot better caching and speed than Apache and Nginx.
    If you want to simplify management then you can stay with Plesk or try Directadmin control panel. Litespeed has made plugins for them too.

  • I like Cyberpanel but i have afraid to use in long term and for all this projects. Plesk seem more controlled and in case of problem I see there is a good knowledge but in the last years become more slow...

    I already value Cyberpanel but it's seem something not convince me...

  • seriesnseriesn Member, Top Provider

    After using Cyberpanel for some projects, I really can't recommend that product.

    Look into @Nem apiscp. There's a central login and management portal.

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  • @seriesn why you not recommend? what's happen?

  • @op what are your total plesk costs? Consolidating on one server would save a lot in license costs plus get you all of the wordpress and reseller account admin features on plesk as you can just buy their larges license

  • seriesnseriesn Member, Top Provider
  • The nice thing about virtual machines is that you don't have to worry if the hardware breaks and the provider can migrate your stuff to another working machine or fix the machine. on dedicated servers you have to deal with the provider to get you replacements etc.

    Also there is the argument of putting your stuff in one basket versus different VPSs on different providers. That is one of the reasons even the huge providers like Google recommend you have your stuff in different zones under the same region and different regions and zones if your stuff is really important and actually makes you money.

    To facilitate management you can use to add as many servers as needed and as many web apps (like WP install) as needed to each server. It also has a per-web-app backup option that saves on S3 so even if a server vanishes you can always restore the backup to a different server and be up and running.

    There is also but it is in early development stages but it is open source and if you know Laravel, you should be able to use it and even extend it.

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    Just Lurking

  • chiccorossochiccorosso Member
    edited December 2020

    @seriesn thanks you for your review!
    @Kassem thanks you! you suggest me 2 panel i didn't know and i really appriciate your suggestion about vps and dedicated server.

    I'm bit afraid what type of server buy and how many site i can manage inside.

    You will tell me depence by dimension and visit of site.. but how can i choose what is the best for me?

    Am I wrong configuration and optimization of vps? I would like save some money but I want the best solution for management and speed site.

    Thanked by 1seriesn
  • TimboJonesTimboJones Member
    edited December 2020

    If you need unique IPs per site, going to dedicated will cost more than list price you're seeing to add more IP's. If they're fine to share IPV4, then consolidation makes sense. But you should have at least two dedicated for failover and/or backup. Because now when the shit hits the fan occasionally, instead of it being one headache, it'll be all the headaches (+phone calls). No pressure.

  • @chiccorosso

    Yes, it will depend on how many visits/sessions you get per month and how many of these visits are happening at the same time and whether you have WooCommerce shops, this information can be found on Google Analytics (or similar) and you can then determine what sizes to use for your VMs. I'd recommend DO $10/mo. basic droplets as a starting point for business brochure websites using WordPress as it is mostly static and combined with proper caching, the sites are snappy (if you didn't use your DO free credits yet for your email/account, use my referral link to get $100 credits you can use in 60 days

    Whichever host/provider you use, make sure you aren't getting less than regular SSDs (it's almost 2021 no place for HDDs except storage).

    Your cost for 20 VMs x $10 = $200/mo. + RunCloud Pro $12.5/mo. (to be able to setup unlimited servers) = $212.5/mo. total

    If you have 20 sites, add $1 per site for off site backups so add $20 more:

    The above is assuming all sites are equal, keep that in mind.

    Just Lurking

  • @TimboJones thank you for reply..mmm yes I have already a dedicated for backup.

    I need almost for the shop one ip for each.

    At moment I’m choose some e-commerce not more of 5 and put in one server with plesk and 5 ip.

    Just with this I save almost 40% of money.

    @Kassem im not very expert with digital ocean.
    I would like something more easy to manage for me

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