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Playstation over VPN or Proxy?
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Playstation over VPN or Proxy?

oplinkoplink Member, Provider

We have a few clients using our VPS services to create a vpn/proxy to play games on playstation. I am curious does anyone here do this?

What vpn/proxy software/configuration do you find works best for something like this?


  • not sure about PS, but some multiplayer PC games put you in the nearest server based on your ip. It would take longer queues if the server is not populated. to overcome, some might use vpn.

  • My ISP has terrible packet congestion control, so my setup involves using SoftEther VPN with mux set to 16 and with TCP BBR enabled on the server.

    During peak hours I only got like 300kbps, but with the VPN on I can get ~80mbps and much lower ping/packet loss as well.

  • I have used servers for gaming multiplayer on my computer. Never used a VPN or a proxy software for playing games.

  • I use 3proxy for a PS4. No broblem.

  • as chinese ~ I often use VPN(Shadowsocks) to connect Playstation :)

    You only need a “soft router”~Install OpenWrt and OpenClash (

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