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want to know hetzner alternatives
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want to know hetzner alternatives

what are best data center that can beat Hz price and features. please recommend.


  • I don't think you will find anything else. Hetzner ist a huge company and does therefor highly rely on economies of scale. If you look by price and features i guess there won't be anything comparable (in the EU).

  • For a normal offer, German providers are hard to beat. Best value for money tend to be Hetzner, NetCup, PHP-Friends and Avoro. In the low end, there's also Contabo.

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  • bacloudbacloud Member, Provider

    Beat? Omg, no

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  • WSCallumWSCallum Member, Provider

    It's incredibly unlikely that you'll find anyone else who can beat Hetzner on quality and price.

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  • There is no alternative.

  • Hetzner.

  • AFAIK there is no potassium certified company that can beat them in that location.

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  • Only hetzner can beat hetzner with their offers

  • Stay away from contabo disk speed is very low

  • ClouviderClouvider Member, Provider

    Beat on price alone? Good luck.

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