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Did hetzner authentication server go down for awhile?
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Did hetzner authentication server go down for awhile?

So I was trying to access my Hetzner account earlier, and was getting "Invalid Credentials" for a few times. I was like, oh no, my password was changed by some hacker. Then I request password reset, but the link sent to my email was not opening, and I tried to access login page again, it wasn't loading and I saw HTTP 503 a few times. After a few minutes, everything was working again, my existing password also worked. I certainly hope this was an outage not a hack of some sorts.

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  • OhJohnOhJohn Member
    edited October 2020

    I had an unreachable state (meaning timeouts) in connecting to their normal website today (which actually happens quite often w/ hetzner), didn't tried any dashboards/customer panels at that time just tried to look at server offers.

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