256mb / 25gb OpenVZ VPS: $6.99
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256mb / 25gb OpenVZ VPS: $6.99

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My name is Christopher and I run the FLVPS sales department.

256mb RAM 25gb disk space 100gb network transfer on 100Mbps network connection OpenVZ / SolusVM Tampa area data center (Hivelocity or Esolutions) IRC clients permitted with zero tolerance for IRC abuse. If you use IRC, you know what "abuse" is. $6.99/mo

The price used to be $4.99 but after the acquisition, the 256mb and 512mb plans went up a few dollars but the larger packages remained the same price. Check out our KVM offers!

About Us: Our brand was acquired a few months ago by a larger managed hosting / IT business company, K&J's Managed Solutions, that focuses on businesses but the decision was made to allow us to run and maintain our unmanaged clients. Pinellas Hosting, a business IT company that offered IT solutions and hosting services, previously owned FLVPS. Pinellas Hosting has an established track record, including winning a VPS benchmark competition on vpslist.net last year totally surprising "established" VPS providers.

Benchmarks: http://vpsbenchmarks.net/benchmarks/2011/11/florida-vps-openvz-tampa-nov-2011-benchmarks/

I have a 256mb VPS running since the business started that I use for goofing around on and if you need a live benchmark or request, go right ahead and ask me.

Thank you


  • Do you guys do custom packages?

    @FLVPS said: IRC clients permitted with zero tolerance for IRC abuse. If you use IRC, you know what "abuse" is.

    While I feel your pain, expect to get some users up in arms about this :)


    Contact the sales department and they will discuss it with you further. I want to say this is our base package and we don't do like 64mb virtual private servers or anything like that.

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