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How to sell V2Ray on whmcs, a VPN using TLS technology, bypassing censorship (First Part)
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How to sell V2Ray on whmcs, a VPN using TLS technology, bypassing censorship (First Part)

NutterChenNutterChen Member
edited September 10 in Tutorials

How to sell V2Ray on whmcs, a VPN using TLS technology, bypassing censorship

In this tutorial, I will explain in detail how to sell V2Ray services on the most popular platform-whmcs. If you are interested in selling VPN services and want to make money from it, it will help you a little

My English is very pool, there may be some grammatical problems, please ignore, welcome to discuss, English, Russian and Chinese are all welcome

I will say that the tutorial is divided into the following parts. For some parts, I believe that most people here know how to do it, so they may not elaborate

  1. What is V2Ray
  2. What does it do
  3. Add V2Ray module for WHMCS
  4. Add database and add server on whmcs
  5. Deploy V2Ray node
  6. Optimize the speed of V2Ray
  7. How customers use
  8. Keep up with the times

What is the V2Ray

Answer from the official

Project V is a set of tools to help you build your own privacy network over internet. The core of Project V, named V2Ray, is responsible for network protocols and communications. It can work alone, as well as combine with other tools.

What does it do

Simply put, you can think of it as a VPN, using it, you can bypass censorship
V2Ray provides a protocol called Vmess. In this protocol, we can use tcp+tls and ws+tls modes. Of course, tls is not necessary. Both tcp and ws can be used without tls encryption. But I do not recommend you to use it this way. In addition, the node running V2Ray can also be disguised as a website. When the node detects that the request is not from the V2Ray client, it will show a normal https web page to the requester to prevent the V2Ray node Actively detected

In addition, the ws mentioned here is WebSocket, which makes it possible to pass encrypted traffic through CDN. I will explain this in the fifth or sixth chapters.

For more information about V2Ray, you can visit its official website

Unfortunately, there is currently no more English version of the wiki page for V2Ray

Add V2Ray module for WHMCS

Installing the V2Ray sales plug-in is very simple, you only need to upload some files to the /modules/servers folder of whmcs, these files are free

You can download these files here

Please unzip this file, and then upload the V2raySocks folder in the Plugin directory to /modules/servers completely

In the end, it is like this, because I have modified some front-end content, the file is therefore different, don’t worry

Add database and add server on whmcs

Congratulations you have completed the part of adding sales plugins,next we will start further work, add the database and add it to whmcs

Add database

First of all, please create a new database, you can create it on the server hosting whmcs or elsewhere, low latency is always good!

Remember the most important point, this database will be used to record customer traffic usage, V2Ray's server will send it the customer traffic usage, V2raySocks will read these data

Therefore, please make sure that this database can be accessed from the external network
Therefore, please make sure that this database can be accessed from the external network
Therefore, please make sure that this database can be accessed from the external network

Next, we will import MyV2Ray.sql (in the file we just downloaded) into this database

This is the final result,It is different from yours bcz I have used it for a long time

Add server on whmcs

Please note that the server mentioned here is not a server running the V2Ray server. Usually we call the server of the V2Ray server a node. The server mentioned here is actually a database used to support the sale of V2Ray

Open your whmcs management interface and enter the <system settings-product/access-server settings> page,I am using the Chinese management interface, I don’t know if it is correct, but its URL should be <>

Please add a new server as shown in the figure...

If you can connect normally, you will enter a new page. Please fill in the server name and save this server. For other options, such as monthly cost, if you don’t need it, you can ignore it.

Next, please add a new server group and put an added server into this group...Some guys told me that you need to add a server group before you can add a server... Anyway, you have to add the server to this group anyway

Reference video

Panel used in the video (free)

The first part is over here, if you have any questions, please discuss, I will help you solve it in my spare time...

Also, remember, learn to ask effective questions instead of letting others guess your question

Thanked by 3ElliotJ ederlezi xetsys


  • dustincdustinc Member, Provider

    Good job, keep up the good work. I've also checked out your YouTube channel. Continue with content, you have an advantage :)

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