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Need advice to VPN in
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Need advice to VPN in


I would like to make a VPN in, and I want to take this VPS:

I see that VPS, works with Vserver and it scares me!

I had a VPS in which also uses VServer.

I never managed to install OpenVPN, I go to the forum OpenVPN, nobody managed to install OpenVPN.

Do you have experience with

Does someone managed to install OpenVPN in

Thank you for your advice and your help


  • OpenVPN will not work on vrserver, don't bother trying. Get a KVM.


  • @rds100 said:
    OpenVPN will not work on vrserver, don't bother trying. Get a KVM.

    This. VServer is a more limited version of OpenVZ and does not support the tun/tap/sit devices. The only things you can do with the VServer instance as far as relaying data is using a proxy or using something like sshuttle.

    Otherwise, get a KVM instance.


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  • Yeah, running great but my first 12 Days :P

    128MB KVM has arround 400MB free after installing Debian, not much.

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