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Available: UrPad $21/year 1GB RAM/40GB HDD/750GB BW - Black Lotus/LA

Available: UrPad $21/year 1GB RAM/40GB HDD/750GB BW - Black Lotus/LA

amhoabamhoab Member
edited November 2013 in Offers

I'm trying to cut down on the VPSes I own and consolidate things a bit better. As part of that effort, I am not planning to renew this VPS, despite it being a good performer.

I was moved to the Black Lotus facility in LA (i.e. free DDoS protection) after the UrPad migration, and haven't had any downtime since (although it was honestly pretty good before). It's been slightly less than a month since the migration, though, so take that into account.

This VPS expires 11/27/2013. I am giving it away for free if only one person asks for it. Otherwise, it'll be an auction starting at $1. This ends midnight (EST) Saturday.

If interested, just say so right here (i.e. not via PM). Hopefully someone can make good use of this.


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